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Telekung Lycralicious

How to get a good and high quality Telekung Lycra

Salam all,

You must be wondering where can i get hold of a set of Telekung Lycra which is comfortable and of good quality.

The criteria is as such;

1. Grade: Make sure it is of good grade. Telekung lycralicious is made of AAAA(4A) grade. Having a material of good grade translate to users satisfaction and it lasts longer too.

2. Weight: Ensure that the weight is right. Not to heavy because it will be hot and not to light. If the material is too light then the telekung will be transparent and we noticed that many customer are really concerned of that.

3. Price: Here is where it gets a little tricky. Most of the time you want something that you are looking for to be cheap.

Try to avoid from being trapped by sellers who sell really cheap lycra pieces because the quality of the material might have been compromised. Most sellers will buy cheaper materials and thus results to the cheaper price that you see online and available stores.

In short, try to buy from a trusted company or a brand which is really focused on one product alone. You can be assured that they are serious on the quality of their product and aim for customers satisfaction.

Want to make sure that you are getting the right Telekung Lycra? Get it from us at Telekung Lycralicious.